Determined to Meet Your Writing Goals? Set Up a Production Schedule

This sounds like something I should be doing. How about you? If you comment in the main post, you have a chance to win the book to help you accomplish this goal. Check it out! <3 A little math can go a long way to help you finish your writing… Continue reading

Defining Your GOALS for 2016 – What Do You Really Want Out of Your Writing?

Hi, everybody! I have had a highly successful week of writing in between the Christmas holiday and New Year’s Eve. I have hit the half way mark in my novel, The Swamp Fairy, and am excited about how it is all coming together. I actually started from the first transcript… Continue reading

Weekly Goals for 11/23/14-11/29/14

In concert with Dorne, and her blog, Write Dorne, Putting Life Into Words, we have decided that we are going to define our writing goals and ambitions in a weekly blog post.  Both of us are interested in getting some of our work published.  Between us, we thought  that if… Continue reading