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Welcome to the NATURE CHILLS CHALLENGE from A Momma’s View:  She says:

“There is one thing that always helps me chill out: Nature! No matter if it is a thunderstorm, waves, the wind, a snow covered mountain or just a sunset… I am in awe!

Here are the “rules” for my challenge:

From Monday, December 22nd 2014 until Monday, January 19th 2015 (last entry @ midnight AEDT) submit your post and follow these guidelines:

1. Describe, what in nature makes you chill out the most and why, in whichever way you like (poem, picture with a little text, a post… you name it).

2. Use less than 1000 words.

3. Mention the participation on your blog and link to my blog (to the Nature Chills Challenge page).

4.Tag your post with “Nature Chills Challenge”.

5. Your post has to be new and specifically written for this challenge.

I will choose the 10 posts I liked the best, mention them in a post and then create a poll.

Then my readers will be able to vote on the 3 posts they like best and I will publish the result on Thursday, January 29th. The best 3 posts will be mentioned in a post on this blog and will be linked back to your blog again.

Really looking forward reading your thoughts and some inspiring posts! You will find a list with links to all Nature Chills Challenge posts on this page. And you will also be able to vote here.”

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What a great idea for a challenge!  I must say, we are lucky to live in our paradise here in Pensacola, Florida.  My husband and I have always been home-bodies.  I think raising 5 children has something to do with that mentality.  It will come to no surprise then to find out that the place we love to chill out the best and commune with nature is in our own backyard.  Between the trees, plants, birds, insects, and friendly animal life, there is always something to look forward to.

2014-06-23 11.20.16

We have a fabulous backyard and cozy patio with a spa.

2014-06-23 11.20.41

Our backyard is lovely in the summer.  We have a tree line that rims the back edge of our property.  There is the infamous “horse-hole,” where our neighbor horses come to beg for carrots and apples.

2014-07-16 14.04.27

The horses tend to hang near the tree line because it does offer some shade for them during the hot, humid summers.

2014-07-16 14.00.09

We barbecue on the patio almost daily in the summer.  Even in the winter you will catch my husband, the only one in the neighborhood, busy at his grill.  He is an excellent cook!

2014-07-12 16.14.37

There is always time for a glass of wine, or a cocktail or two at our house.

2014-10-04 07.04.34

The change of seasons brings many different colors to our backyard oasis.

2014-12-25 14.05.01

The Yaupon Holly grows wild and mingles in with the trees.  The birds eventually eat most of the berries and the holly becomes part of the green foliage.

2014-11-11 15.23.45

Sugar and Spice love being outside with us on our patio.  When the weather gets chilly these two spoiled little girls ask for a blanket to cuddle on.

2014-12-20 08.54.56

After they play outside for a bit and help us to barbecue this is where you will find Sugar and Spice.  I have to fight for a spot on my couch.

2014-12-24 17.05.30

Thank you for visiting our secret paradise in Pensacola, Florida.  We both find great peace and inspiration in our backyard.

Where in nature do you like to chill out at?

Thanks again for stopping by.  Come back when you can stay longer,

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One Word Photo Challenge– “Olive”

Olive               one-word-photo-challenge-badge

Jennifer Nichole Wells One Word Photo Challenge color for this week is olive.  This is an easy color to produce here in Northwest Florida right now because just about all the remaining evergreen type trees and bushes are this color.  Enjoy!

2014-12-13 09.16.34

Fairy Swamp has olive colored bushes.

2014-12-18 10.30.20

The tall Florida Pines are an olive color.

2014-12-16 07.51.18

The Yaupon Holly that grows wild in the fields and around our tree line is a wonderful olive color.

Thanks for stopping by to see what I am up to today.  I enjoyed our visit,

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Pixel Prose Challenge–Autumn’s Midpoint


I love Sundays!  That means it is time for Amanda’s Pixel Prose Challenge.  Check out what Amanda’s challenge is all about here on her blog, “Unique Art Chic.”

This week I am nostalgic about the end of summer and the progression toward mid-autumn.  In other words, it finally got COLD in Pensacola, Florida!  BRRRRRR… it was 38 degrees F. here this morning!

Autumn's Midpoint

Thanks for visiting me this chilly morning.  I can’t wait to see you all again!

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One Word Photo Challenge: Scarlet


Jennifer Nichole Wells’ One Word Photo Challenge this week is scarlet.

Autumn is finally slipping slowly into Pensacola, Florida with the brilliant display of scarlet Yaupon Holly berries in my back yard.

2014-10-29 08.54.50


2014-10-29 08.52.33


2014-10-29 08.52.52


This is the calm before the storm.  At 7:00 a.m. it was 70 degrees!  Temperatures will be in the low 80’s F. today.  A cold front will move through by this evening bringing cooler temperatures in the high 40’s F. at night by Friday – just in time for Halloween.

Thanks for visiting my part of the world.  I look forward to seeing you all again!

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