Platform: Self-Publishing

Originally posted on Carrot Ranch Literary Community:
How to Build a Readership with Blogging and Prepare for Publishing by Debby Gies As writers who choose to self-publish, we must understand that we’ve chosen to be not only writers but publishers, marketers, and promoters of our work because these components are all essential parts of running a business. Yes, your business!…

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7 Things You Need To Know to Master Your Genre’s Book Cover

Originally posted on Sacha Black:
I’m not shallow…But I definitely judge a book by its cover. Shit. That makes me shallow doesn’t it? Ah well, fuck it.?At least I can admit it. I’ve been thinking about marketing a LOT recently. Minus a total meltdown last week and a decision to bin (and subsequently re-write the last 30K of my book),…

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