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“Trite Tales for Little People,” Tallis Steelyard: Bringing the Joys of Civilization Blog Tour

For whatever reason, it appears to be Jim Webster Week on my blog. He has three separate features 1) this blog hop, 2) an exciting Conversations with Colleen where Tallis Steelyard, the Poet, fills us in on his deepest writing secrets, and 3) my book review of “Tallis Steelyard: A… Continue reading

Poetry Friday ~ Character & Wild

This is a captivating explanation of the main character in Vashti’s book, The Fall of Lilith. The fact that she incorporated her poetry around the discussion makes it even better. Enjoy! <3 Continue reading

POETRY/Flash Fiction & Poetry/ or Poetry/Short Story BOOK PROMOTIONS & A GIFT!

I am re-sharing this information as I still have three FREE Kindle books remaining for my free giveaway of Fairies, Myths, & Magic – A Summer Celebration. I would love to gift these three books to my regular readers – NOT just my poetry challenge participants. If you live overseas,… Continue reading

For my Poetry Challenge Participants ~ Poetry Book Promotions & a Gift!

I have a deep fondness for all forms of poetry, especially syllabic poetry. So, I would like to assist my poetry challenge participants in advertising their poetry books. As authors, I know we all struggle to get reviews. I know I do… If you have participated in my challenge for… Continue reading

Copyright Infringement and content scraping going on in cyber world.

My Sister of the Fey, D.G. Kaye, aka Debby Gies, has written a post filled with useful information for every author and blogger. Book theft is nothing new but it appears things are escalating! Have a read and learn how to protect yourself. <3 *** Click the link below to… Continue reading

The Fringe Magazine: FICTION: The Girl I Wanted Murdered By Traci Kenworth

Traci Kenworth has a short story published in the Fringe Online Magazine! After you’re done having a read, take a look around. You never know what opportunity might be waiting for you! *The Fringe is an online and pdf magazine that publishes flash fiction, short stories, artwork, movie, music, game… Continue reading

Authors Supporting Authors ~ Jim Webster’s Newest Releases

Hi, everyone. Jim Webster has two more new novellas coming out and I offered to help spread the word. This post is part of “The Gentlemen Behaving Badly Blog Tour.” Jim shares that both novellas are the usual format containing just over twenty short stories featuring Tallis Steelyard. The stories do… Continue reading

New Royalty Share System for Co-Authors from Publish Drive – Alliance of Independent Authors: Self-Publishing Advice Center

Big news as PublishDrive launches a new royalty share system for co-authors. Now co-writing is easy as royalty sharing becomes simple and pain-free. The New Royalty Share System “PublishDrive​’s new service, Abacus for Co-Authors, provides the perfect solution. ​Abacus​ calculates royalties for co-authored books published directly through Amazon’s KDP (including… Continue reading

Re-Share: The Birth of a New Genre – Guest Post by Jaq D Hawkins… | Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

Finally, a fantasy category I can cozy up to! You’re going to love this! <3 A few years ago, authors were advised to try to improve their sales position on Amazon by suggesting a new genre. This naturally got out of hand very quickly and Amazon stopped adding new sub-categ…… Continue reading

Colleen’s Coming Attractions: Two New Novellas by Author, @JimWebster6

Hi, everyone. Jim Webster has two more new novellas coming out and I offered to help spread the word. First, meet Jim: Someone once wrote this about me… “Jim Webster is probably still fifty-something, his tastes in music are eclectic, and his dress sense is rarely discussed in polite society…. Continue reading